Our Legacy

Progressive features on classic layout

OUR LEGACY is an independent fashion brand based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2005 by Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén.

Known for applying custom-developed fabrics on signature shapes, OUR LEGACY has amassed a devoted following over the years, establishing the role of a cult brand.

Using their ethos as our design strategy, we set out to create a flagship store that feels distinct yet familiar. The result goes beyond the transactional, injecting a layer of inspiration and editorial content into the shopping experience.


A dynamic platform equipped to handle traffic peaks during new collection drops

Our Legacy has several collection drops each season, leading to sudden surges in traffic across markets. To cope, we helped build an agile e-Commerce platform equipped with Centra's overselling prevention feature resulting in a technical architecture ready to scale and run smoothly at any given time, no matter the number of online visitors.

The outcome? Zero backorders and unified inventory management across marketplaces, making it possible for customers to shop however and whenever they want.