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We build state-of-the-art technical solutions that break the mold and push boundaries. Our belief is that tech should be the enabler to grow businesses, elevate engaging user experiences, and provide the agility needed to change at the speed of the consumers.

By gathering the best tech talent to partner with your organization, we operate as an efficient standalone unit with the capacity to deliver significant business value in a short timeframe. More often than not, we become a naturally integrated extension of your team.

We are pioneers in building technology for scalable and experience-driven digital commerce. We have extensive experience working with major platforms, composable and headless best-of-breed technologies, and bespoke solutions that enable your e-Commerce business to stay current and propel future digital experiences.

Our architecture flexes around your needs, for as long as you need, driving revenue, flexibility, and speed. We work with the major platforms and CMSs such as Centra, Commercetools, Optimizely, Inriver, Sanity, Contentful, and Shopify Plus to name a few.

We strongly believe in the transformative power of technology to drive business growth and unlock new revenue and venture opportunities. When your business requires solutions that surpass conventional approaches, we are the ideal partner to bring your vision to life.

In other words, we deliver customized software and systems that match your needs, incorporating the latest innovations and guaranteeing the high level of agility and nimbleness that your business requires.

We develop award-winning apps of all kinds, and are tech agnostic with talent working with all the best tech stacks; Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, react native, and more.

Our strategy, design, and development professionals work hands-on to understand your business, target audience, and vision — all to deliver high-quality results from day one.

We carry out pre-studies and assess your current technical architecture to:

  • Identify any technical issues and devise a plan for future action
  • Analyze, evaluate, and recommend a choice of platform
  • Determine how well existing solutions support current and future business needs, including planned investments and scaleup initiatives


In a world where digital interfaces begin to look pretty much the same, we aim to push boundaries to create online experiences that move both people and the needle.

This means designing elevated experiences that exceed expectations on creativity, adding elements of surprises that inspire, excite, and keep the user coming back for more.

A flagship store has the power to leave an emotional impact. It's an experience that embraces the customer with immersive inspiration, distinct design, interactive elements, and a personal touch.

Translating these physical cues into the digital space is what we've found to be the secret sauce to long-term profitable growth.

That's why we help to create digital flagship experiences that lead with brand ethos and are as tactile as the products sold in-store.

Our fast-moving creative team designs digital experiences beginning with strategy and identity. By balancing emotional and rational triggers, we create digital interfaces with the power to drive conversion and build loyalty through authentic brand expressions that shine through at every stage of the customer journey.

With the entire brand universe in mind, we seamlessly weave together all customer touchpoints into a smooth, personalized end-to-end experience that turns your audience into true brand fans.

We embrace the power of Service Design and UX to deliver outstanding user experiences. Through a collaborative and customer-centric approach, our team delves into extensive research and user insights to deeply understand the audience. We craft user journeys and interactive prototypes, ensuring that every touchpoint aligns with your brand identity. At NoA Ignite, we are passionate about creating meaningful products and services that genuinely resonate with your customers.

A solid strategic direction is backed up by deep research. That is why we help brands understand their audience inside and out to create experiences that are truly exceptional in every aspect. With a comprehensive understanding of the end user, it is possible to lay the foundation for success in subsequent steps of the project.

Together with our research department, we perform studies on e-commerce, keeping close tabs on ever-evolving consumer behaviors.

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Actionable Digital

We are not the average PowerPoint soldiers. Instead, we're strategic minds with a deep understanding of translating business logic into tangible strategies and actionable plans.

We map where your brand stands today and where it is heading, injecting new thinking grounded in data and insights to future-proof your digital investment.

We work alongside your brand to help decode the nuances of the business and choose the best route forward.

No size fits all - that's why we inject expert competencies from a wide array of disciplines to deliver tailored action plans and roadmaps that result in engaging and intelligent experiences across all touchpoints.

Find your sparring partner in our experienced business advisors, committed to helping your business grow and deliver outcomes that matter.

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