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Matsmart is, according to their customers and our study The key to profitable e-commerce: a study in paying more online, the best Swedish e-commerce brand in offering sustainable alternatives while shopping online. We had the opportunity to talk to Hanna Thofelt Lindström, Head of Communications and Impact at Matsmart, and to get a glimpse of how they think of sustainability in the context of building digital brands. 
What does this recognition mean to you?
For us, the best price possible is to get appreciation from our customers – so this award really means a lot to us. We are proud to be recognised for our sustainability work, because it is such a big part of who we are and what we do. 

What is sustainability to you?
We are an impact company that strives to create a more sustainable food system, and this is a priority in everything we do. We have seen in several of our surveys that there is a strong awareness and willingness among Swedish consumers to make sustainable choices – but when it comes to practice, other factors tend to determine the moment of purchase, such as convenience and price. This suggests that we need an offer that is completely non-exclusive and broad, that works in everyone’s life puzzle and that everyone can afford. It should be easy to make good choices. We see this as the key to sustainable circular consumption in the future. 

— It's important to make long-term brand investments based on actual values.
— Hanna Thofelt Lindström, Head of Communications & Sustainability Matsmart
What do you think of the report's conclusions – do they come as a surprise?
Not really. Although e-commerce has come a long way, there is still a lot of potential for development. Sometimes it feels like e-commerce today is all about catalog sales – we are so price-focused. We tend to see consumers only as online bargain hunters, but there are many other dimensions to focus on. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge in building a strong digital brand?
Hard to say, but maybe it is about investing in a strong community from the very start – which is what we tried to do. There is a dialogue, a movement around what Matsmart is and what we are achieving. We often see that if someone has given criticism on Facebook, it is usually our own customers who respond and defend us - that is really great to see. Our brand has a unique position because of that, where customers are very dedicated and engaged.

What is your advice to others who want to be more sustainable? 
It is about making sustainability accessible – it should not be difficult or cumbersome. It is also important to invest in a long-term brand based on real values.

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