Skincity is best at creating a sense of social belonging online

Skincity is, according to their customers and our study, The key to profitable e-commerce: a study in paying more online, the best Swedish e-commerce brand in creating social affiliation while shopping online. We have been in contact with Skincity's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Anna Olofsson to get a hint of how social communities are built online.
What does this recognition mean to you?
To be the best brand at creating social affiliation is genuinely an award to be proud of and – as we see it – the most valuable confirmation of the customer loyalty that we have invested a lot in building over the years.

What is the biggest challenge in building a solid digital brand?
The biggest challenge, but the most crucial factor, is to keep your focus and not look too much at competitors and get involved in price wars. It is challenging when competitors push prices, and then it is essential to give added value to the customer – something in addition to the lowest price.

What do you think of the report's conclusions - do they come as a surprise?
Even though we knew that we have very loyal customers and that the customers like us, it was surprising that we differ so much from the average. It was a positive surprise!

— It's very challenging when competitors push the prices, making it imperative to give added value to the customer - an addition to the lowest price.
— Anna Olofsson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Skincity
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What do you do to create social affiliations?
The basis of social belonging is our skin therapists and their service to customers. As a customer, you can meet them in all our channels: our customer service, where you can call, email, or chat with them directly, our website, our social media, and our blog and podcast. 

We have many loyal customers who contact us regularly and build a relationship with us. We also see that our Skincity bags, which have been with us from the start and that you get when you shop with us, are popular and proudly worn by our customers – it is a sign of social belonging, if anything.

What tips do you have for other players?
Put the customer first, always - from the first meeting to the last part of the last mile. We are convinced that building a relationship at every touchpoint makes a difference that gives the customer a reason to return. Offer something no one else does, and do not stop believing in what you do.
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