Axel Johnson Unveils Striking New Digital Home

Axel Johnson, the Swedish family-owned business group, has launched its new website. The online destination has been created with digital partner NoA Ignite to convey the essence of Axel Johnson and become a natural home for everyone within the Axel Johnson community, from current and future employees to business owners and partners.

Axel Johnson operates based on a clear idea of creating value – to combine business and societal benefit. Thus, the new website is a significant touchpoint for Axel Johnson, as it celebrates the company's commitment to openness and transparency.

The visitors of the new digital home are welcome to step into the Axel Johnson world and explore the brand history, business philosophy, business portfolio, company news, careers, and meet the team. Whether you are a current or future employee, a business owner, or a partner, the new website is a place to learn more about Axel Johnson and how you can be a part of its story.

"We have innovated the basics to present an impactful first encounter between audience and brand," said NoA Ignite Project Manager and Business Advisor, Emelie Maistedt. "With a human approach to present the Axel Johnson story, the new digital destination lives and breathes the company ethos and fully caters to the user's needs."

“We are happy to unveil a website that genuinely brings the Axel Johnson brand to life. With a history of 150 years, we have a strong foundation and position. However, during the development of the website, it was essential for us to retain that personal, human touch, and we are pleased that our new online presence reflects this.”

Elisabeth Avrotin

Communication Manager at Axel Johnson

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