Re-imagining retail with Co-X

Co-X is the new, groundbreaking co-retail platform that's applying the sharing economy to physical retail and re-imagining the industry as we know it.

The traditional business model for retail poses several challenges for real estate owners and brands alike. Characterized by complexity, high capital intensity, and low flexibility for prototyping and play, the old brick-and-mortar concept can make it hard for new brands to enter the retail space and thereby miss out on the benefits connected to this important customer touchpoint.

This is what Co-X aims to change with a B2B2C co-retail platform that makes it not only easy but also cost-efficient for brands to establish a curated physical presence.

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No more dull retail - say hello to a new kind of marketplace

Co-X is turning traditional retail into a multiplayer game and thereby democratizing the industry for the benefit of consumers, brands, real estate & service talent everywhere. By offering retail-as-a-service, retailers can team up and create more meaningful consumer experiences as well as smoothly collaborate with real estate owners. And with co-retail, brands only pay monthly fees to the host and keep 100% of the sales.

"We wanted to offer co-retail to brands as a way to help them stay in control and reach customers physically without having to create their own retail. Thanks to the brilliant minds at Noa Ignite, we managed to move fast and stay true to the vision. With Co-X you get retail without the retailer. There is no middleman, it's just e-commerce with a physical customer experience."

Oscar Hafvenstein

CEO and Co-Founder of Co-X

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Bridging the offline and online

With an in-store mobile-only multivendor payment, the traditional checkout system has been replaced, enabling seamless integration between offline and online. This makes it possible for both staff and customers to scan products and access product information as well as delivery options in an easy and intuitive way. Upon payment, store staff shares a QR code with an updated shopping cart, and the customer pays on their own mobile.

Building an agile and future-proof digital platform

The technical platform is built upon MACH architecture with a react frontend in combination with the eCommerce platform Centra and payment solution Stripe. This flexible framework paves the way for an agile and nimble platform that can continue to grow and develop with time. The end results let every player be free to do what they do best, matched together and connected in operations by the Co-X platform into a fully functional excellence-oriented consumer experience.


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