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Building a digital foundation for international commerce

Nordic Knots was born from a culture of thoughtful design that lasts beyond seasons and trends. By combining function and aesthetics with a Scandinavian sensibility, the brand crafts timeless textiles for the modern home.

Now, the Scandinavian design house ushers in its next chapter with a new digital home signed by NoA Ignite. From platform and CMS migration to a fresh look and feel - the digital flagship store perfectly fits this recognized luxury textile house.

Evoking desire with the art of simplicity

Together with Nordic Knots, we have crafted a harmonious digital home that is true to brand heritage and ethos - paying homage to the luxury that lies in artisan craftsmanship, timeless textiles, and the art of simplicity.

The onsite customer journey welcomes the user to an on-brand experience that leverages deep content to retain curiosity and interest while browsing. User flows are strategically mapped to give an intuitive feel and drive conversion.

"The onsite customer journey welcomes the user to an on-brand experience that leverages deep content to retain curiosity and interest while browsing."

Simplifying the process of buying home textiles for both professional and private customers

There are two solutions weaved into the online store - one for professional B2B customers such as interior designers and one for B2C visitors. In the case of the former, its B2B interface offers the ability to sign up and encourage logged-on activity to take part in coveted customer perks and efficient order handling.

Another feature of the digital flagship store is the ability to shop for products not yet in stock. By shopping with lead time, customers can access soon-to-be-launched items that will become available to ship within a few weeks.

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Building a technical foundation for international e-commerce

Due to the choice of a composable technical architecture and headless framework, the new storefront is a flexible enabler for growth that gathers customer insights and reduces friction, leading to fewer returns, customer help errands, and backend tickets. 

Furthermore, the eCom architecture is also developed to simplify international commerce with a smooth checkout regardless of shopping destination. For example, the checkout offers a swift solution for calculating and presenting VAT and sales tax. The integration is provided through Centra and Avalara and lets American customers fill out their zip code and state at checkout for an automated tax calculation. European customers who wish to shop VAT-exempt can easily verify their eligibility by providing their VAT number.


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