How we brought an outdoor experience into the digital realm for Ulvang

Ulvang stands for functional, premium, and responsibly produced wool clothing for all seasons and adventures. With a heritage steeped in the Norwegian outdoors, this brand knows a thing or two about staying warm.

From digital strategy to design and development, we helped this pioneer in wool outdoor clothing create a storefront experience that celebrates life in Scandinavia - simple, aspirational, and always just a stone-throw away from a breath of fresh air.

Inspiring Outside Joy Across the Customer Journey

Together with Ulvang, we set out to create an e-commerce experience deeply rooted in the great outdoors, igniting the spirit of adventure in customers, and inspiring them to explore the wonders of nature.

This meant mapping out the dynamic nature of the customer journey, whether it be a single-visit shopping experience or a back-and-forth motion between the different stages. Taking this approach rooted in customer insights, user experience, and service design ensured brand alignment at every customer touchpoint, not to forget a cohesive and compelling experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

"With a compelling narrative, the digital journey provides rational, emotional, and social proof - ultimately driving both consideration and conversion."


A Primary Source for Consideration
and Conversion

Our partnership with Ulvang resulted in a digital storefront that seamlessly blends inspiration, excitement, and conversion. The online brand experience is anchored in the brand's premium positioning, conveying quality and craftsmanship. With a compelling narrative that sets Ulvang apart from competitors, the digital journey provides rational, emotional, and social proof on top of unexpected elements that surprise and excite - ultimately driving both consideration and later on conversion at the point of sale.

Building a Composable Foundation for Operational Excellence

For the technical solution, we engineered a custom tech stack that could exceed high demands on performance and longevity. With a composable architecture based on the Omnium AS platform and Sanity content cloud, it was possible to provide Ulvang with the agility needed to continue to grow with elevated user experiences. The result is a storefront that reduces operational time by empowering e-commerce managers to self-serve and focus wholeheartedly on creating customer value.

Working together with Ulvang and its parent company BRAV, a leading house of brands within the sports and outdoor segment, meant a strategic emphasis on building with scalability and reusability in mind to unlock synergies across the entire brand portfolio and enable swift technical onboarding of all brands. Stay tuned for more to come.


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