Helping the fox grow on a global market

Fjällräven is growing to become a global player on the premium outdoor market. Creating a need to form strong direct connections with their global community of outdoor users.

We've helped Fjällräven create a digital ecosystem. Consisting of the global online flagship store, online activations for their Classic and Polar events and a content hub for knowledge sharing. All with the core brand purpose to inspire people to discover nature.

A premium digital retail experience

The digital retail experience needs to translate the core brand and amplify it into the digital world.

Every Fjällräven product is made with a certain outdoor activity in mind, all the materials has a lot of research behind them. Products can be waxed to regain its abilities, and repaired to be used for generations.

All of this together makes up relevant brand stories to tell our customers and users while browsing the product pages on the website. These stories strengthens Fjällrävens position as a premium brand and gives the customer confidence before and after the purchase.

Building and inspiring a community

The Classic and Polar events is the corner stones in creating the community. Providing inspiration, tools and opportunities to participate.

Design elements for a premium brand

To reinforce Fjällrävens brand digitally we identified the need for a visual design palette with elements and guidelines that together will create a strong and unique brand expression with high recognition. These elements are an important part of the design system we've created.

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