A storefront concept for the new breed of gut suplements

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KÄLLA is introducing a new type of beauty brand to the market. Bridging the gap between science, natural innovation and wellness. Making high quality scientifically backed supplements that are just as pure as they are powerful. All this packaged in a beautifully designed experience for the customer.

Together with KÄLLA we set out to develop a distinqued storefront concept that would capture their brand personality and conveys the emotional experience of their new breed of supplement we reffer to as “soulful science”. The new storefront invites their customers to a shopping experience that is both rapid, responsive and joyful to use meanwhile it helps KÄLLA to reach out with their mission to destigmatise gut health.

A fresh breeze on the market, commited to help you develop healthy habits.

The supplements market has not really been crowded with design driven brands that put purpose and appearence at the top of the agenda. This is a position that KÄLLA is clearly here to take as they enter the market with a fresh breeze with it’s clever and beautifully designed packaging, tailored to help you develop healthy daily habits.

The 100% recycable box itself brings joy of use for the customer just by the action of opening and closing the box. And inside the box every dose is convenintly packaged into numbred single doses, so you know where you are on your journey.

We call this the “After eight effect”. And this is the main inspiration for the intercations we have cretaed on the site. Giving the customers an immediate and intuitive sence of the product before they even have it in their hand.

At it’s core Källa is a brand that stand for destigmatising gut health and convincing that the gut is the source of improving body and mind. We looked for ways to work with this throughout the customer journey.

Since KÄLLA offers a product that are intended to be consumed on a daily basis we are offering their customers flexible purchase options by letting them choose between one off purchases and a set of subscription plans.

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Design elements for a digital experience

To reinforce KÄLLAs brand digitally we also expanded the identity with a set of new design elements such as icons and image guidelines that together creates an unique and living brand expression.