A new home for Lexington

A fast, conversion driven brand experience straight from New England.*

Actually, it’s straight from Sweden. However, Lexington is successfully offering their customers a way to influence themselves and their homes with the easy going enjoyable lifestyle at the Hamptons.

As their business has been growing during the last decade Lexington has developed into becoming a full fledged fashion house aside of being a strong player within home interior. The new offering demanded their reatil experience to better reflect their new brand and customer needs.

Scandinavian modernism meets the dream of New England

Lexingtons new digital flagship store should reflect their brand: classic, relaxed elegance with a modern twist. Scandinavian modernism meets the dream of New England. The store is aslo designed to better adapt to the different customer journeys for home and fashion buyers that is not always the same persona. And finding the perfect synergies between the two was crucial to succeed in convaying Lexington as an enabler of the new England lifestyle.

An emotionally optimized, simple interface

Through a well correographed space for content we’ve created a store that gives Lexington the best possible tools to capture their brand personality. Cobined with simple, blazing fast shopping mechanics the preconditions for User-and-business satisfaction is at its best.

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