Maya Delorez

A new storefront for innovative equestrian brand Maya Delorez

Virtually no one in the e-com business can have missed the story about Maya Delorez and their amazing journey, going from 0 to 10 MEUR in annual revenue in just four years.

Going into the equestrain business with a strong confidence and great products, Maya Delorez have managed to build a distinct brand that stands out and proclaims a new approach to the sport itself.

Everything starts with a great product

Together with Maya Delorez, we have designed and built their new online flagship store. With a strong focus on building engagement and brand desire through great product presentations we set out to deliver an authentic experience for dedicated riders who love the sport. Just like the founder Madelene Thörnblom, who once created the brand out of an idea to take equestrian wearables to the next level by delivering a contemporary style, great performance and features for a new generation of riders.